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● PIR & Microwave Detection●120° wide Angle●Sensitivity Adjustment ●Lightning and surge protection●Cover Tamper●Indicator LED●Quick install
● PIR & Microwave Detection●Microwave Detect Area Adjustment ●Environmental friendly circuit●Cover Tamper●Indicator LED●Quick install  new package:
●PIR & Microwave Detection●360° Detection Area ●Environmental friendly circuit●Cover Tamper●Indicator LED●Quick install
● 85° wide angle●Multi-Focus Lens●Selectable pulse count : 2 or 4
● Narrow angle ●Multi-Focus Lens●Selectable pulse count : 2 or 4●LED On/Off Switch●Tamper switch
●360° Omnidirectional Detection area ●Environmental friendly circuit●Cover tamper●Indicator LED●Quick install

PIR & Microwave Detection
120° wide Angle
Sensitivity Adjustment
Lightning and surge protection
Cover Tamper
Indicator LED
Quick install



XC-1XT Outdoor Wall Mount(Dual -Technology Sensor) 




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