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AIN Home Security is a security which is researeched and developed by ALEPH using the advantages in the security echnical field and can be controlled by Internet and the smart phone.download:AHS-4000.pdf home protection system by use of the mobile phohrough the cloud to control
●Intelligent Wireless Magnetic Door Sensor:●Used in conjunction with control panel●Gap: 20mm●Radio Frequency:433 MHz●Operation Voltage: 2 X AAA Battery●Battery Life: 2 years●Transmission Range: Approx. 100m in open air
● Wireless Smart LED Bulbs●Co-work with control panels●Normal Mode: On/Off●Alarm Mode: Flash●AC 100V-240V●Medium base (E26, E27)●Transmission Range: Approx. 100m in open air●Radio Frequency: 433 MHz
● Self-powered Wireless Door Bell(No Battery )●Wireless Doorbell with Self-Generating System●Doorbell Type: Wireless●Color: White●Transmitter: Self-powered (No battery) ●Transmission Range: Approx. 100m in open air●Radio Frequency: 433 MHz
● Wireless single gang wall mount junction box, type 86●It is working Stand-alone and with control panels●Operation Voltage: AC100-240V●Load Power: Capacitive load: 300W, Resistive load: 300W●Transmission Range: Approx. 100m in open air●Radio Frequency: 433 MHz
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